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Literary papers within Business Archives

Originally posted on Literary and Artistic Archives: the blog of the Section on Literary and Artistic Archives of the International Council on Archives:
The work of the Diasporic Literary Archives Network, GLAM, the British Location Register and others has established the importance of the archives of publishers and literary agencies in literary research and scholarship.…

New British Archive for Contemporary Writing (BACW)

The University of East Anglia has launched a new British Archive for Contemporary Writing (BACW). The following information is drawn from publicity promoting the launch. UEA intends to grow its existing literary collections significantly, most notable of which is the extensive personal archive of the Nobel Laureate, Doris Lessing, and literary material from other prize winning authors […]

Using BitCurator to investigate literary archives

An interesting post from BitCurator. Read how Jeremy Leighton John,  curator at the British Library, describes using the BitCurator environment to dig deeper into the born-digital archives of author Hanif Kureishi. The BitCurator Access project focuses on technologies that simplify access to raw and forensically-packaged disk images; allowing collecting institutions to provide access environments the reflect as […]

Call for submissions: Archives and Manuscripts

Archives and Manuscripts is the professional and scholarly journal of the Australian Society of Archivists, publishing articles, reviews, and information about the theory and practice of archives and recordkeeping in Australasia and around the world. Its target audiences are archivists and other recordkeeping professionals, the academic community, and all involved in the study and interpretation […]

New publications on Paper

Two 2014 titles of interest from Duke University Press: Kristen Weld’s Paper Cadavers: The Archives of Dictatorship in Guatemala. “In Paper Cadavers, an inside account of the astonishing discovery and rescue of Guatemala’s secret police archives, Kirsten Weld probes the politics of memory, the wages of the Cold War, and the stakes of historical knowledge production. […]

On the subject of archives

A special issue of E-Misferica (Volume 9  |  Issues 1 and 2  | Summer 2012) “On the subject of archives“. Edited by Marianne Hirsch and Diana Taylor. Already out for a while but still worth a read. Highlights include: Dossier: Archival Acts — a section on archival activism.   

Pop-Up Workshop: Document and Contract

Kent Centre for Law Gender and Sexuality, University of Kent, 3 April 2014.   A workshop  examining questions of materiality, method, endurance and transformation with respect to the document and/or the contract. Details here.   This is an Archive Futures event. 

Dunhuang: A secret library, digitally excavated

Dunhuang: A secret library, digitally excavated Just over a thousand years ago, someone sealed up a chamber in a cave outside the oasis town of Dunhuang, on the edge of the Gobi Desert in western China. The chamber was filled with more than five hundred cubic feet of bundled manuscripts. They sat there, hidden, for […]