CFP: Feeling(s) in the Archive: Emotions, Expressions, Experience

The Spring 2022 meeting of Archival Kismet will be held virtually April 8-9, 2022. Its theme is “Feeling(s) in the Archive: Emotions, Expressions, Experience.” They particularly encourage scholars whose work deals with issues of emotion, affect, memory, and trauma in historical research, as well as proposals that reflect the emotional labour and experience of historical archival research, to submit proposals.

This non-traditional virtual conference is a forum for history researchers and those in allied disciplines to share early research findings, focusing on the objects, artifacts, and ephemera of the archive.

All presentations should be informal and centered around a specific “cool thing” or archival “find” relating to the theme—a poster, a letter, an object, a film clip, a concept, etc., or a small set of related materials. “Think of your presentation like history show-and-tell”.

Presenters do not need to have conclusions or interventions staked out, and should not present on material that has previously been published. This is a space for scholars to share new archival finds and what is exciting about them, without worrying about what conclusions they will reach.

Presentations should be roughly 10 minutes long. Substantial time will be given for discussion with conference participants. Presenters are expected to attend and participate in the conversations in other panels.

The conference will take place April 8-9, 2022 hosted virtually at Mississippi State University. Please contact the co-organizers, Courtney Thompson ( and Bridget Keown (, with any questions or concerns.

Submissions via their online form will be accepted through 15 January 2022.