CULTURE MAPPING 2022 — Archives and Afterlives: recordings available

If you did not manage to catch up with this wonderful conference event live on 7-9 April 2022 you can now find recordings for most sessions online. Keynote sessions feature Professor Jacqueline Wernimont, Dartmouth College:

On Dying and Being Dead in an Archive, Jacqueline Wernimont

Abstract: What are the temporalities of archives? In this talk, I would like to invite us to use the insights of scholars like Hartman, Caswell, Johnson, and Dimock to see if we can think about all of the temporalities of archives and the ways of knowing that we imagine them to produce. Queer, Indigenous, Black, and postcolonial scholars have productively observed that linear time serve colonial, straight, and white supremacist ends. If we take this as our starting point, how can we theorize the lives and afterlives in and of archives in a way that enables more just archival engagements? I’ll be focusing on mass mortality events like those seen in pandemics, environmental catastrophe, and war as a kind of case study for these questions.

Individual sessions covered:

Teaching With Archives

Archives of Space and Place

Activist Archives: Historical Memory and World-Remaking

Medium, Matter, Method

Information, Surveillance, and the Body

and more.

The full program for the event can be located here.