Literary papers within Business Archives

FT Article: On a three centuries paper trail at Coutts

Tracey Earl, archivist at Coutts Bank. Photograph: Rosie Hallam

Snapshots of people’s lives: Tracey Earl’s job involves delving into the past of clients, who have included British royalty and Charles Dickens

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The work of the Diasporic Literary Archives Network, GLAM, the British Location Register and others has established the importance of the archives of publishers and literary agencies in literary research and scholarship. The archives of financial institutions, however, should also be remembered. A recent article by Emma Jacobs (“A three centuries paper trail at Coutts”, Financial Times, 30 October 2015) describes some of the contents of the archives of Coutts Bank in London, including important groups of papers of writers such as Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens, and, more surprisingly, Voltaire.

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