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It takes 4500 pages to analyse and archive one second of Twitter

From an article on “How best to physically archive our digital lives seems an insurmountable task, and previous attempts to do so–like this plan to print out Wikipedia as a 1-million-page book–downright quixotic. But Philip Adrian‘s #oneSecond benefits from a far more limited scope: printing out every message sent on Twitter at a given […]

Germaine Greer donates her papers

Germaine Greer has announced that she is donating her papers to the University of Melbourne. The archive extends to 150 filing cabinet drawers and will be transferred from the UK to Melbourne in July 2014. “Archives are the pay dirt of history,” Greer said recently. “Everything else is opinion. At a certain point you actually […]

“Archive Fever”, ABC Radio National Hindsight on 22 Sept 2013

Listen in to ABC Radio National’s Hindsight programme, “Archive Fever” at 1pm (Australian Eastern Time) on 22 September 2013 (repeated 26 September at 1pm). The programme features: Linda Morra, Catherine Hobbs, Karina Vernon and Maryanne Dever. The programme can also be listened to and downloaded on the Hindsight website. Features producer: Lyn Gallacher

Today, e-mail, …

“Today, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter — this is the correspondence of the 21st century. If we want to understand the society of today in the future, we have to keep certain traces.” Jean-Philippe Legois, President of the Association of French Archivists on the right to digital privacy versus the need to preserve vital information.