It takes 4500 pages to analyse and archive one second of Twitter

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“How best to physically archive our digital lives seems an insurmountable task, and previous attempts to do so–like this plan to print out Wikipedia as a 1-million-page book–downright quixotic. But Philip Adrian‘s #oneSecond benefits from a far more limited scope: printing out every message sent on Twitter at a given moment in time as a four volume box set, and then displaying it as a gallery and exhibition piece.


Adrian chose to archive all the messages sent on Twitter at exactly 2:47 p.m. GMT on November 9, 2012. Surprisingly, there were only 5,522 of them, which was slightly below average for then. (In 2014, that number is somewhere around 7,490 tweets per second.) Once Adrian had aggregated all the tweets, he began categorizing them in a one-off box set.”

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