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Archival Liveness: The Paper Archive in the Digital Age

New article by Joy Palacios in the new journal Performance Matters. From the article: “…in the midst of the laborious photo-taking and PDF creating process, I often wondered: am I killing my archive? If disaster were to strike the Maison provinciale such that future researchers could only access its contexts via the PDF versions I […]

The Materiality of Method: The Case of the Mass Observation Archive

    New article in Sociological Review Online by Liz Moor and Emma Uprichard: The Materiality of Method: The Case of the Mass Observation Archive Abstract: The Mass Observation Archive presents numerous methodological issues for social researchers. The data are idiosyncratic, difficult to analyze, and the sample design is nonsystematic. Such issues seriously challenge conventional […]

Perversions of Paper

A one day symposium jointly organised by the Birkbeck Material Texts Network and Archive Futures on Saturday 28th June 2014. The call for papers can be found under Events.

Photo tales lost in the digital wave

“Digitisation will also inevitably change the way we do research. Many researchers in archives will tell you how they like to touch an old photograph or pore through old newspapers to get the feel, the smell, the weight. They are not saying that because they are sentimentalists but experience has told them how our senses […]

Emily Dickinson The Gorgeous Nothings

Previously published as a limited edition artist’s book, Emily Dickinson┬áThe Gorgeous Nothings is a colour facsimile edition of Emily Dickinson’s writings on envelopes. Compiled┬áby Marta Werner and Jen Bervin (with a preface by Susan Howe), this striking volume raises all manner of questions about archival scraps, paper and materiality. Published by Christine Burgin/New Directions in […]