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CFP: Failure in the Archives

The Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL) is pleased to announce Failure in the Archives, a conference celebrating the frustrations of archival research, to be held on 30 October 2014 and featuring a keynote address by Natalie Zemon Davis.   Failure in the Archives will provide a forum to examine everything that doesn’t belong […]


Friday 27 June 2014 Venue: Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London  

In the Sontag Archives

“Susan Sontag wrote seventeen thousand one hundred and ninety-eight e-mails, which will soon be available for consultation on a special laptop. I was given a special viewing at the library, and the experience gave me a queasiness that I have never felt during the years I have conducted historical research.” Benjamin Moser, In the Sontag Archives, The […]

Emily Dickinson The Gorgeous Nothings

Previously published as a limited edition artist’s book, Emily Dickinson The Gorgeous Nothings is a colour facsimile edition of Emily Dickinson’s writings on envelopes. Compiled by Marta Werner and Jen Bervin (with a preface by Susan Howe), this striking volume raises all manner of questions about archival scraps, paper and materiality. Published by Christine Burgin/New Directions in […]

The inbox and the shoebox

The inbox and the shoebox ‘He makes the point that between “the inbox and the shoebox”, only one will be “treasured, hoarded, moved when we move or forgotten to be found afterwards … Emails are a poke, but letters are a caress and letters stick around to be newly discovered.”’ Andrew Hill reviewing  To the […]

“Archive Fever”, ABC Radio National Hindsight on 22 Sept 2013

Listen in to ABC Radio National’s Hindsight programme, “Archive Fever” at 1pm (Australian Eastern Time) on 22 September 2013 (repeated 26 September at 1pm). The programme features: Linda Morra, Catherine Hobbs, Karina Vernon and Maryanne Dever. The programme can also be listened to and downloaded on the Hindsight website. Features producer: Lyn Gallacher