Archives: new special issue of ‘Anglia’

Anglia: Journal of English Philology has published a special themed issue on Archives, volume 138, issue 3 (2020). First published in 1878 Anglia claims to be the oldest journal of English Studies in existence.

The Archives issue was guest edited by Daniel Stein. Stein’s wide ranging introductory essay provides both an engaging survey of “the state of the art in ongoing debates about archive” and a reading of the special issue’s essays as an archive in themselves. A more interesting and ambitious special issue than many on the topic.

Test Cover Image of:  Anglia

Table of Contents

Daniel Stein: What’s in an Archive? Cursory Observations and Serendipitous Reflections

David Kerler: Archive Fever and British Romanticism: Blake, Byron, and Keats

Tim Sommer: Between Aura and Access: Artefactuality, Institutionality, and the Allure of the Archival

Alexander Starre: The Document as Epistemic Object: Notes on Archival Knowledge Cultures

Katrin Horn: Of Gaps and Gossip: Intimacy in the Archive

Michael A. Chaney: Words, Wares, Names: Dave the Potter as American Archive

Diana Folsom, Renee Harvey and Kristen T. Oertel: From Parchment to Podcast: The Collaborative Process of Building and Unlocking an Archive

Birgit Däwes: “The People Shall Continue”: Native American Museums as Archives of Futurity

Ryan Cordell: Speculative Bibliography

This volume has been added to the list of journal special issues on archival themes in our Library.