Just published! The latest issue of the journal Public  #57

From the journal’s website:

“ARCHIVE/COUNTER-ARCHIVES advances conversations regarding the changing nature and political realities of audio and visual heritage in the twenty-first century. Bringing together artists, archivists, and researchers, this issue of PUBLIC argues that the re-thinking of audio-visual heritage preservation is ultimately strategic and political, especially given the precarious material conditions of archives in the digital era, and the fact that colonial and racialized forms of structural control over the history of place and belonging continue to embargo access to the past for many communities. This issue thus turns towards the transformative potential of counter-archives, which can be political, ingenious, resistant, and community-based. These insurgent archives are embodied differently and have explicit intention to historicize differently, to disrupt conventional national narratives, and to write difference into public accounts. PUBLIC 57 also brings to the fore the work of women and Indigenous, racialized, diasporic, and LGBT2Q+ communities to create counter-archives that expand, interrogate, and disrupt conventional archives and archival methodologies.”

There is an especially interesting looking piece in section III Materialities entitled ‘Anarchival Materiality in Archives’ by Kate Hennessy and Trudi Lynn Smith.  In the course of wide-ranging discussion of the materiality of various items they encounter, they make the enticing observation that,  ‘While archives are normally ordered via a person or subject, we were interested in highlighting the potential for archival ordering through hue, tone, colour, or legibility’ (p. 142).  


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