Archive events for 2016: IHR Winter Conference & Gerald Aylmer seminar

Historians, Archivists and the Archive

Historians and archivists share an interest in records and evidence but think about archives in fundamentally different ways. In recent years they have begun separately to develop conceptual ideas of the archive as a constructed reality and to explore notions of the archive as a site of political power and a site of contestation around identity and community. These two seminars seek to bring together historians, archivists and scholars from other cognate disciplines to explore shared understandings of the nature of the archive, which is highly topical as archives shift from the traditional fixity of text to the fluidity of multi-faceted digital objects.

IHR Winter Conference, The Production of the Archive, 29 January 2016

KEYNOTE: Eric Ketelaar

Gerald Aylmer Seminar, The Experience of the Archive, 29 April 2016

KEYNOTE: Carolyn Steedman

Full details available here.