The Literary Diaspora and the Digital

From the Diasporic Literary Archives Project:

The Diasporic Literary Archives Project will be holding its final meeting at Yale University on October 23rd and 24th, 2014. The workshop is titled “Diaspora and the Digital” and will review the challenges and the opportunities for born-digital literary archives and for digital humanities projects. It will investigate new forms of scholarship and new patterns of research made possible by changing archival technologies; assess the implications for accessibility and for the politics of location; and evaluate from an international perspective the risks that may follow from unequal access to these technologies.

More information about the project and the workshop can be found online here: Follow the link to “Yale University Programme.”

Space is limited. To register for the workshop, please contact Merieta Bayati at

ENGL3651 Mitchell Library Assoc Prof Maryanne Dever (2)