New publication: Spontaneous Particulars – The Telepathy of Archives

A new work by distinguished American poet Susan Howe will be published this month as a New Directions and Christine Burgin co-publication. Spontaneous Particulars: The Telepathy of Archives continues Howe’s engagement with the materiality of archived manuscripts.

From the New Drections website:

“Great America writers William Carlos Williams, Jonathan Edwards, Hannah Edwards Wetmore, Emily Dickinson, Noah Webster, Gertrude Stein, Hart Crane, Wallace Stevens – all in the physicality of their archival manuscripts (reproduced in beautiful fascimiles here) – are the presiding spirits of Spontaneous Particulars: The Telepathy of Archives. Also woven into Susan Howe’s newest book are beautiful photographs of textiles from anonymous craftspeople. All the materials are links, discoveries, chance encounters, the visual and acoustic shocks resulting from rooting around amid physical archives. These are the telepathies the bibliomaniacal poet relishes. Rummaging in the archives she finds ‘a deposit of a future yet to come, gathered and guarded … a literal and mythical sense of life hereafter–happiness’.”