Sex + Gender + Archive

University of Tampere, Finland

9 May 2014

A Pop-Up Workshop


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Venue: University of Tampere, Linna building, Kalevantie 5, room 6031

Time: 13:00 – 17:00


“The archive is an excess of meaning, where the reader experiences beauty, amazement, and certain affective tremor. The location will be secret, different for each person, but, in every itinerary, there will be an encounter that will facilitate access to this secret place, and most of all to its expression”.

Arlette Farge, The Allure of the Archives, Trans. Thomas Scott-Railton. Foreword by Natalie Zemon-Davis. (New Haven: Yale UP, 2013), p. 31


“…the need for archive stories — narratives about how archives are created, drawn upon, and experienced by those who use them to write history — follows in the first instance from a move in the Western academy (and also beyond it) to recognize that all archives are ‘figured’. That is, they all have dynamic relationships, not just to the past and the present, but to the fate of all regimes, the physical environment, the serendipity of bureaucrats, and the care and neglect of archivists as well.”

Antoinette Burton, “Introduction: Archive Fever, Archive Stories”.  In Archive Stories: Facts, Fictions, and the Writing of History, ed. Antoinette Burton.  (Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2005), p. 6.


 “I’ve been reconsidering my suspicion of conventional archives and returning to them myself in order to consider the value of elite and high literary archives for histories of queer intimacy and their everyday dimensions.”

Ann Cvetkovich, “Personal Effects: The Material Archive of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas’s Domestic Life”, No More Potlucks 25: Archive (2013).

How do new debates concerning sex and gender reframe what we do in and with archives? Are our understandings of evidence shifting? What does it mean to take archives and archiving as the subjects of our investigations?

This workshop takes up these questions through new research around remembering and forgetting, collecting and donating, materiality and method.




Tuula Juvonen (University of Tampere) Remembering Nice Place – Tracing the Archives of a Lesbian Bar


Riikka Taavetti (Finnish Youth Research Society) Remembering and Forgetting Queer Pasts and Activism in the Archives


 Maryanne Dever (University of Newcastle)  Rethinking Evidence: Archived Mess and Archival Method


 Katri Kivilaakso (Literary Archives of the Finnish Literature SocietyQueer Listing:  Describing Archival Materials for Researchers to Find.


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