Colloquium: Information Studies at UCLA

One of the small upsides of the pandemic has been the move to offer research seminars online via Zoom. What were once small gatherings advertised to a local few are now events available (time zones permitting) to interested scholars globally.

For those who can line up with Pacific Time (PT), the offerings for the Department of Information Studies at UCLA are worth registering for. The Colloquium features local scholars and visitors zooming in from elsewhere in North America. Upcoming 2021 events feature Jennifer Douglas, Miriam Posner, Johanna Drucker, Anne Gilliland and more.

Colloquia usually take place virtually on Thursdays at 3pm Pacific Time (PT). Attendees are advised to register ahead of time using the advertised webinar link for each session. All events are free and open to interested members of the community unless otherwise noted.

The Colloquia program is here.

A recording of Jennifer Douglas presenting the 2021 Kenneth Karmiole Lecture on 28 January 2021 as part of the program can now be found on Youtube.

Jennifer Douglas, “Archival Studies: The Pink Room and Archive Stories”

Abstract: This talk tells archive stories. It tells stories about intimate relationships that form in, through and around archives: relationships between a mother’s archives and a daughter’s archives; between the living and the dead; between a researcher and the subjects of her research. The story begins in 2018. Or 1999. Or 1981. It begins with a line in a diary: “Do Not Look in Here!!! This is my Diary!! This is Lara Gilbert’s LIFE!!”