Cutting up manuscripts or do you like my new ‘mystery bag’?

Just catching up on the coverage of Sekrè, a German-Swiss startup, which is creating luxury handbags with “a secret”  – namely, that they contain a fragment cut from a rare letter or document. Marketed with the tagline that “Every woman needs a secret”, the start-up – which claims Sekrè is the Haitian word for “secret” – is promoting its “Mystery Bag” collection.

Their website outlines their process of purchasing and then destroying “valuable collectibles”:

We purchase such valuable collectibles from auctions and galleries as well as public and private collections all around the world. 

Before purchasing an artifact, our experts carefully scrutinize its authenticity. After that it is cut into individual pieces in the presence of a notary. 

Every single piece is then sealed in an acrylic panel to protect it  from high UV rays, mechanical damage and against splash water and finally worked into our luxury handbags.

Only the owner knows the secret and only she decides with whom she wants to share it.

The advertised bags include letters from Marlene Dietrich, Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas and more. You can read an outraged article in The Guardian.