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Archives in Liquid Times: a new publication about philosophy and theory on archives. It is free to download in PDF (see below).

Archives in Liquid Times aims to broaden and deepen the thinking about archives in today’s digital environment. It is a book that tries to fuel the debate about archives in different fields of research. It shows that in these liquid times, archives need and deserve to be considered from different angles. Archives in Liquid Times is a publication in which archival science is linked to philosophy (of information) and data science. Not only do the contributors try to open windows to new concepts and perspectives, but also to new uses of existing concepts concerning archives.

The articles in this book contain philosophical reflections, speculative essays and presentations of new models and concepts alongside well-known topics in archival theory. Among the contributors are scholars from different fields of research, like Wolfgang Ernst, Geoffrey Yeo, Martijn van Otterlo, Charles Jeurgens, Anne Gilliland and Geert-Jan van Bussel. This book includes interviews with Luciano Floridi and Eric Ketelaar, in which they reflect on key issues arising from the contributions.

The editors are Frans Smit, Arnoud Glaudemans and Rienk Jonker.

archives in liquid times

The book is published by the Dutch Society for Archival Publications (S@P). It is available as free digital download in PDF and in E-pub format.

Archives in Liquid Times is available to download from:

The website of co-editor Rienk Jonker:  (PDF and EPub) (PDF)