CFP: The City (as) Archive

A joint symposium of the Sheffield Centre for Research in Film (SCRIF)
and Centre for Archival Practices (CAP).

Thursday 8th June 2017
@ Humanities Research Institute, 34 Gel Street, Sheffield, S3 7QY

This event brings together the interdisciplinary interests of the film and archive research centres at the University of Sheffield.  Considerations of the role of archives within the life history of cities, and of the contribution of the moving image to the representation of urban space, cohere in the appreciation of the city as contained in visual and documentary records as an ‘archive’ in and of itself.

Papers of approximately 20 minutes duration are invited on topics addressing and investigating the full extent of the broad, fertile and multifaceted interplay of archives, films and cities. Topics to be consider might include but are not limited to the ideas of:

  • Archives as repositories of and reflections upon the changing physical, cultural and human geography of cities
  • Films as aesthetically, ideologically and historically inflected documents of urban landscapes, locations and experiences
  • Cities as architectural and illustrative storehouses of urban history, and representational maps of the existences of their inhabitants
  • Personal, private and public archives and written, verbal and visual records as preservations of the histories of cities
  • Moving images as graphic records of cultural change and shifts in the constituency of urban populations and environments
  • Psycho-geographical understandings of city environments as interpretations of space invested with individual, interpretative and collective relevance.

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