Caribbean Literary Archives

Caribbean Quarterly 62:3-4 (2016) is a special themed double issue on ‘Caribbean Literary Archives’.

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From Alison Donnell’s introduction:

“This special issue on ‘Caribbean Literary Archives’ is part of a growing conversation around literary heritage and the future of the region’s literary past. The essays collected here demonstrate the significant potential of current research and professional collaborations for enriching, enlarging and democratising the archive. Yet, they do not shy away from the threats, silences and inequalities that also characterise this archive as we can conceive of it at present. Thinking seriously about the frustrations and obstacles that confront us as we encounter the archive in its many guises moves us beyond the practical challenges of identifying and preserving materials, and of making these accessible, although all of these remain fundamental preoccupations. Consideration of the different ways to invigorate engagement with Caribbean literary papers is as important as creating and disseminating sources, as these do not deliver a literary heritage on their own. Rather, this rich inheritance needs to be circulated, examined and appreciated among multiple audiences in order to refresh its meaning, value and relevance as part of the Caribbean’s cultural fabric as well as the scholarly and intellectual traditions that it has served.”

This special issue has been added to the Library under recent journal special issues on archival themes.