Affect and the Archive, Archives and their Affects

Archival Science has published a special issue on the topic of  Affect and the Archive, Archives and their Affects. The co-editors are Anne J. Gilliland and Marika Cifor


Volume 16, issue 1 (2016)

  1. Editorial: Affect and the archive, archives and their affects: an introduction to the special issue by Marika Cifor and Anne J. Gilliland
  2. Affecting relations: introducing affect theory to archival discourse by Marika Cifor
  3. Be/longing in the archival body: eros and the “Endearing” value of material lives by Jamie A. Lee
  4. Records and their imaginaries: imagining the impossible, making possible the imagined by Anne J. Gilliland and Michelle Caswell
  5. Re-imaging and re-imagining the past after ‘memoricide’: intimate archives as inscribed memories of the missing by Hariz Halilovich
  6. Latent scrutiny: personal archives as perpetual mementos of the official gaze by Jacqueline Z. Wilson and Frank Golding