New DX Lab Fellowship, State Library of NSW

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The DX Lab within the State Library of New South Wales (Sydney) is offering its first dedicated digital fellowship. The fellowship has been specifically set up to support the creative and innovative use of the Library’s collection data.  

The fellowship promotes innovation, partnerships, experimentation and the creative use of the Library’s data via new interfaces and experiences.  This is a unique opportunity for researchers in the digital humanities particularly within the Gallery, Library, Museum and Archive sector (GLAM).

The fellowship is being offered at $30,000 to enable research and digital innovation.

“This Fellowship will bring together data from the State Library’s collection, passionate researchers and the latest technologies to create something new and revolutionary. As a world leading Library the DX Lab Fellowship is an important initiative furthering experimentation within the digital humanities community and finding new ways to deliver access to the State Library’s heritage and contemporary collections.”  Dr Alex Byrne, State Librarian and Chief Executive.

This fellowship is intended for a developer/creative to come and spend time in the DX Lab to build an innovative digital experience.  Applications for the fellowship are due 12th November.

More information is available here.