Out now! Literary archives, materiality and the digital

The special issue of Archives and Manuscripts edited by Maryanne Dever and Linda Morra (an initiative of the Archive Futures network) is now out.



Vol 42, issue 3 (2014) on the theme of “Literary archives, materiality and the digital”.




Literary Archives, Materiality and the Digital
Maryanne Dever and Linda Morra   *Free to access online*

Kate Eichhorn: Beyond Digitisation: A Case Study of Three Contemporary Feminist Collections
*Free to access online*

Ala Rekrut: Matters of Substance: Materiality and Meaning in Historical Records and Their
Digital Images

Hannah McGregor: Remediation as Reading: Digitizing “The Western Home Monthly”

Mark Byron: Bathtub Philology: Ezra Pound’s Annotative Realism

Katherine Biber: In Jimmy Governor’s Archive

Maryanne Dever: Photographs and Manuscripts: Working in the Archive

David Sutton: The Destinies of Literary Manuscripts: Past, Present and Future.

Sas Mays (ed.), Libraries, Literatures and Archives
Gill Partington

Arlette Farge, translated by Thomas Scott-Railton, Foreword by Natalie Zemon Davis, The Allure of the Archives
Marguerite Deslauriers

Kate Eichhorn, The Archival Turn in Feminism: Outrage in Order
Natalya Lusty

Jerome McGann, A New Republic of Letters: Memory and Scholarship in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Katherine Bode

Lisa Gitelman, Paper Knowledge: Toward a Media History of Documents
Mél Hogan


Download the flyer: Special Issue Archives and Manuscripts 42 3 2014


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