CFP: Archives on Fire

Call for Papers


RECONSTRUCTION: Studies in Contemporary Culture
Volume 16.1 (2016)

ARCHIVES ON FIRE: Artifacts & Works, Communities & Fields

Archives today are on fire–energized and endangered, mobile and mutable, ubiquitous and unique–as the library’s form and function in society undergo significant changes. Digital tools, open-access platforms, and social networks are transforming the fields of artistic creation, research, and knowledge production, sparking new interest in hand-made artifacts and ephemera, visual and audio cultures, manuscripts and printed texts, micro-histories and intentional communities. Dynamic channels for communication and production become possible within and across the disciplines. Hybrid forms of discourse challenge aesthetic, generic, and methodological standards, reconfiguring frameworks for authorship and audience, content and copyright, personae and politics within and beyond academia. Archives are vital forces of and for change.

This volume of RECONSTRUCTION, guest-edited by W. Scott Howard (University of Denver), invites proposals for articles, essays, and hybrid works addressing a range of creative and critical engagements, including, for example: archives, curation & museum studies; book arts, typography & design; collection development & access; crowdsourcing & DIY research; documentary poetics; emergent digital practices; game studies; image & text studies; information ethics & hacktivism; interdisciplinary & multimodal studies; literary & cultural studies; small press & open-access publishing; trans-discursive critical theory.

Deadline for proposals: 30 November 2014. Send 300-word abstract and 2-page CV to



“Abstract Metal And Fire Background”.
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