CFP: Digital Memories: 5th Global Conference

24-26 September 2014

Mansfield College, Oxford, UK

This inter- and multi-disciplinary conference aims to examine, explore and critically engage with the issues and implications created by the massive exploitation of digital technologies for inter-human communication and examine how online users form, archive and de-/code their memories in cybermedia environments, and how the systems used for production influence the way the users perceive and work with the memory. In particular the conference will encourage equally theoretical and practical debates which surround the cultural contexts of memory co-/production, re-/mediation, en-/decoding, dissemination, personal/mass interpretation and preservation.

Presentations, papers, workshops and reports are invited on any of the following themes:

1. Digital Personal and Community Memory
Theories and Concepts of Memory. The Digitisation of Individual and Community Memory. Identifying Key Features and Issues. Inventing and Re-inventing Historical Knowledge.

2. Externalization and Mediation of Memories
Memory Metaphors in the Digital Age. Digital Media in the Process of Creating the Social Memory. Representational Principles for Memory Recording.

3. Digital Museology and Cultural Heritage
Trends in Exhibition Design. Collection Building. Multimodal Interfaces. Navigation. Visualization. Augmented Reality. Spatial representation. Image and Sound.

4. Memory and Cultural Software
Cultural Visualizations and Mapping . The Memory of Digital Media and Systems. The Recording Device and the User Response. Strategies for Performing Digital Memory. Mobile Systems.

5. Archiving and Dissemination of Memory Data
The Future of Digital Libraries and Archives . Media Library. Principles of Digital Data Recording and Cataloguing. Memory Restoring and Preservation Strategies. Big Data Retrieval, Usage and Preservation. Data Ownership. Open Data.

6. Uses of New Media for Production of Historical Knowledge
History of Society Memory. National Identity and Memory in the Digital Age. Political Uses of Cybermedia for Historical Revisionism. Digital Memory and Communities of Place.

7. Memory in Cybercultures and Arts
Digital Art Preservation. Fan Cultures and Social Networking. The Spatialization of Memories in Interactive Media, Computer Games and Virtual Worlds.

Abstracts should be submitted by Friday 4th April 2014.

Organising Chairs
Daniel Riha:
Rob Fisher:

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