Conference Call 2014 Archives and Records Association UK & Ireland

‘Survival of the Fittest: strengths, skills and priorities for 2014 and beyond’

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This century has seen rapid changes in how we create, use, disseminate and access information. Increased interactions between states, organisations and societies have raised questions about the creation, recording and control of information.  Individuals and communities are remembering and communicating in different ways and records and archives are being used in new and increasingly creative environments. Archivists, records managers and conservators are uniquely placed to react to these developments and to use their strengths to manage and preserve the records and archives of today and the future. However, are these strengths fit for purpose? Do we need to learn new skills or to change our priorities? How can we survive and thrive?  Is there a role for us as professionals in the future?

The Archives and Records Association UK & Ireland invites proposals for papers, presentations and workshops on these themes for its annual conference to be held in Newcastle, August, 2014.  Full details can be found here.

The deadline for submission of proposals is:  30th December 2013.